Home cooked food in restaurant setting's.

MiniIdli, South Indian Restaurant is known for making authentic and premium quality food, offering a unique dining experience for our guests.

Our first branch is located at 438, US 206, UNIT # 8, HILLSBOROUGH, NJ.


Try one of our signature dish's today.

Experience the rich flavors and traditional tastes of South India in every bite. The quality of the food guarantee to transport you back to home.

Idli Plate

One of the wonder dish from South Tamil Nadu, Hot and Soft Idli and pair it with our signature sambar and chutneys for a truly authentic taste of South India.

Medhu Vada

Fondly known as Indian Donut in this part of the world, It's golden crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, a perfect balance of textures that's sure to delight your taste buds.

Onion Uttapam

It's time to revalidate your perspective about Uttapam. MiniIdli uttapam made with unique batter and loaded with right mixture of onion and chilies. Each bite makes you want to take another one until it last.

Chef's Special Podi Idli

This is one of our own creation. There is nothing like this in the market. 100% unique tasting experience. Must try item on our menu.

Kid's friendly Items

Our chef carefully crafted good amount of items to cater to young kids and teens. From Ghee roast, Cheese, Paneer masala dosa to variety of appetizers.

Range of Non-veg Items

We are brining traditional non-veg curries with original recipes and cooking methods at MiniIdli. Pair any tiffin items with the choice of you veg and non-veg curries in our menu.

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Nestled in Hillsborough NJ, this hidden gem of a restaurant offers a truly authentic Tamil dining experience. The menu boosts a great array of traditional South Indian cuisine both veg and non vegetarian. Each dish was bursting with flavors...

Lakshmi Chari

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  • 438, US 206, Unit #8
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