Vella Kozhukattai & Inippu Kozhukattai – Vinayagar Chaturthi Special

Ganesh Chathurti Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the noted Hindu festival celebrated on the birthday (rebirth) of Lord Ganesha, the first son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. It is one of my most favorite festival from childhood and has the living memory of tasting various traditional recipes from mother and relatives alike.

We make this spiritual day better by cooking special traditional dishes like Vella kozhukattai, Pooranam kozhukattai using coconut or sesame ellu and jaggery filling which I have brought via this post.

Let’s Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi by preparing these delicious traditional dishes to make this day special and peaceful at your home.
Vella and Jaggery Kozhukattai

To make this Vella kozhukattai, normally we use very standard ingredients and doing this dish also take some time. In my attempt to bring unique taste and shorten time to prepare, I have used slight different method in my cooking- Boiling instead of Steaming and it has brought welcome results.

What my mom taught me was involve boiling and I used to do that before, for a change tried this version and I think it helped me introduce the version lot liked by my family members. Don’t know how many of you have tried this way in the past and urge you to go for this way in this auspicious day to get blessings from lord Ganesha by introducing some verity to his patayal .Vella kozhukattai

Preparation time: 2 minutes       cooking time: 10 minutes

Ingredients Required:

  • Rice flour – 1 cup
  • water

Preparation Method:

  1. Start with boiling the water in an idli pan and level of water should be in relation to size of the kozhukatti you are preparing.
  2. Next in your preparation to get ready the main ingredient, take the large bowl with a cup of rice flour, and mix it with water to make a dough.
  3. Now you are having task of brining your creativity into work, to get this festival special dish to shape and size you and your children longing for.

    Note: Make sure that Sizes and shapes are same to get the equal boiling.

  4. Once water started to boil add those raw kozhukatti into pan, allow them to boil for 7 minutes in a medium height. (Attached below video clip for Reference).
  5. Now the dish is almost ready and have to give finishing touch by draining the water using colander or filter.
  6. Transfer them to serving plate and remember to present for lord Ganesh before digging into this wonderful, traditional and yet simple recipe.

We can have this in couple way – one is in dry form with raw coconut to accompany them and other form is prepare jaggery syrup to dip into that and have them like sweet soup.

Here is the way to make this syrup if you are decide to go for latter option.

Picture Perfect Steps Are Here:

preparation of vella kozhukattai

Vellam Kozhukattai

Preparation Method 2:

  1. Add 7 teaspoons of jaggery powder into the kozhukattai boiled water, and then allow them to boil for 10 minutes approximately (check the sweet taste after boiled 10 minutes ,if required add jaggery powder)
  2. Then add kozhukattai and garnish with grated coconut into the syrup.
  3. Serve  hot with jaggery syrup kozhukatti. Celebrate Vinayagar Chaturthi with Healthy and tasty kozhukattai.

Picture Perfect Steps:

Preparation of jaggery kozhukkati

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