Bread Omelette Toast | Bread Omelet

Bread OmeletIngredients Required:
• Mulrigrain Country Loaf Bread – 4 slices, or desired bread.
• Eggs – 3
• Onion – 1, chopped.
• Spinach – 1 handful, chopped.
• Green chili – 3, slit.
• Cumin seeds – ½ tsp. (Optional)
• Salt – as needed.
• Olive oil – little for toasting.

Picture Perfect Steps :

Step by step method of bread Omelet

Preparation Method:
1. In a wide bowl, whisk the eggs and then add chopped ingredients, green chilies and salt.
2. Mix everything until it combined.
3. Heat the tawa and grease with olive oil.
4. Meanwhile, take a slice of bread and tip into the egg mixture.
5. When the tawa is ready, toast the bread both side in a medium flame. Give gentle press when you flipped the bread.
6. Follow the same method for rest of the slices.
7. Serve hot with Strawberry Jam.
Tip: you can soak the slice into the egg mixture for about 1 minute or until absorbed thoroughly.