Beetroot Poriyal Sooooo Yummy

Beetroot Poriyal

Serves 3

Ingredients Required:
• Beetroot – 3 small,peel the outer skin and then chop finely. Use chopper if you have.
• Channa Dal – 2 tbsp.
• Salt – taste.
• Shredded coconut – 2 tbsp., for garnish
For Seasoning :
• Sesame oil
• Mustard seeds – ½ tsp.
• Green chili – 3 cut or slit
• Onion – 1 small, chopped.
• Curry leaves – if you have.
Preparation Method:
1. In a pan add water to boil. When it’s begin to boil, add Dal and beetroot. Let’s cook until soft. Note : cook the dal 80 – 85% only.
2. When it’s done, drain the water and keep aside.
3. Now, take a pan, heat some oil , add mustard seeds when it’s tempered add green chilies, onion and curry leaves. Sauté in a medium heat until they well crisped.
4. Then add the strained beetroot and Dal into it and mix well. Add salt to taste, mix it again and finally add shredded coconut and give a quick mix and turn the heat off.
If you can’t chop finely then, pressure cook until soft. Don’t pressure the Dal.